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Recreational is introductory soccer that teaches the fundamentals of the game. Recreational teams are formed in early Summer and are formed on age level, classmates, buddy requests, amongst other factors. The purpose of recreational is:

  • Develop kids who not only possess quality soccer skills, but also build strong character through sportsmanship and teamwork.
  • Learn the game in a non-competitive, fun environment through dedicated volunteer coaches.
  • Provide families a cost-effective introductory soccer environment for all skill levels.

Recreational is generally one practice a week, games on weekends, include a volunteer coach and sometimes may have winter trainings.

Full year registration opens May 1st for the upcoming Fall season. Any registration done between May 1st and completion of the Fall season includes the full year.

Spring Only registration opens December 1st for the Spring season. Players do not need to register for Spring Only if they have already registered for the full year. Spring Only registrations are often at the discretion of the Kickers Region and can be added to existing teams or sometimes new teams can be added for Spring.

Birth YearAge GroupCost