65 years of soccer excellence



MSC receives its charter thanks to the efforts of several key supporters:

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Bostenescu
Mr. & Mrs Franz Both
Mr. & Mrs. Max Mengele
Mr. & Mrs. Adam Notheis
Mr. & Mrs. Karl Reeb
Mr & Mrs. Tommy Mladanovici
Mr. & Mrs Arthur Wilhelm
Ms. Liesl Brandt
Mr. Christian Forster
Mr. Otto Greilinger
Mrs. Ida Herrgott
Mr. Fritz Kappel
Mr. Josef Reep
Mr. Joe Scherer
Mr. Heinz Sengelman
Mr. Gustav Winter


Major Team Championships

Major’s team wins the Kohler Cup and the Wisconsin Open Cup and places 2nd in its league.


Major’s Program Strengthens

After a series of exhibition soccer games in Jamaica, British West Indies, MSC undergoes its first rebuilding program by promoting a number of players from the junior championship team to the Major’s team. This internal promotion proved to be the key ingredient for the future success of the Club!

With mostly homegrown talent, the Club flourishes for the next five decades, winning numerous trophies and championships. MSC also hosted a number of international games.


MSC participates in the German soccer tour.



MSC participates in the Austrian soccer tour.



Youth soccer movement begins and MSC’s program grows.


Early 1990s

MSC takes 2nd place at the U.S. Open Cup in Portland, Oregon.



MSC places 1st in the Wisconsin State Championship.



MSC hosts the prestigious U.S. National Donauschwaben tournament and wins the championship for the first time in 21 years!


MSC wins U.S. National Donauschwaben tournament.