65 Year Tradition

1953: MSC receives its charter thanks to the efforts of several key supporters:

  • Mr. & Mrs. Peter Bostenescu
  • Mr. & Mrs Franz Both 
  • Mr. & Mrs. Max Mengele 
  • Mr. & Mrs. Adam Notheis 
  • Mr. & Mrs. Karl Reeb 
  • Mr & Mrs. Tommy Mladanovici 
  • Mr. & Mrs Arthur Wilhelm 
  • Ms. Liesl Brandt 
  • Mr. Christian Forster 
  • Mr. Otto Greilinger 
  • Mrs. Ida Herrgott 
  • Mr. Fritz Kappel 
  • Mr. Josef Reep 
  • Mr. Joe Scherer 
  • Mr. Heinz Sengelman 
  • Mr. Gustav Winter

1954: MSC first participates in the Major League and takes second place. They also won the Kohler Cup and the Wisconsin Open Cup.

1955: After a series of exhibition soccer games in Jamaica, British West Indies, MSC underwent its first major rebuilding program by promoting a number of players from the junior championship team to the Major team. This internal promotion proved to be the key ingredient for the future success of the Club!

With mostly homegrown talent, MSC flourishes for the next five decades, with numerous trophies and championships. MSC also hosted a number of international games.

1988: MSC participates in the German soccer tour.

1989 and 1990: MSC participates in the Austrian soccer tour.

Early 1990s: Youth Soccer Movement begins, and MSC's program grows.

1997: Second place U.S. Open Cup finish in Portland, Oregon. 

1998: First place in the Wisconsin State Championship.

Today: ### athletes, ### teams, and ### families entrust MSC with their soccer training and development. 


A number of former MSC players have gone on to play professionally and have been inducted into the Wisconsin Soccer Hall of Fame.

Milwaukee Wave and/or Rampage

  • Jason Willan
  • Pat White
  • Erich White
  • Tom Alioto
  • Tim Alioto
  • S. Provan

Wisconsin Soccer Hall of Fame

  • Peter Becker
  • John Becker
  • Fred Begale
  • Peter Bostenescu
  • Mike Cox
  • Gene Edwards
  • Frank Geibel
  • Robert Gottschlich
  • Frank Hazi
  • Michael Hincak
  • Peter Litjens
  • Wilfred Massek
  • Attila Meszaros
  • Adam Notheis
  • Edwin Rack
  • Dave Scherer
  • Joe Scherer
  • Nick Schimpf
  • Alex Schulko
  • Mike Schultz
  • Charlie Schultz
  • Emmeric Strigens
  • Adolf Wilke
  • Mike Wuertz

United States Soccer Hall of Fame

  • Gene Edwards: MSC 1955 State Championship Team. Gene served as President of the Wisconsin Soccer Association and the U.S Soccer Federation and served on the FIFA Board of Directors.
  • Mike Wuertz: Former MSC Majors Team Coach and President of the Referee Association.