How were you introduced to soccer?


What is your playing experience?

  • Wauwatosa West High School
  • MSC Majors (current)

What is your coaching experience and what licenses do you currently hold?

  • MSC U12-U15
  • Wauwatosa West High School Varsity & JV boys
  • Wauwatosa West High School girls Varsity assistant

What is your coaching philosophy?

I have been coaching soccer since I was 18 years old. I started coaching Micro Soccer for two years as a site coordinator before I moved to MSC. I have been coaching at MSC for the past 8 years. I have been a staff coach as well as a select coach. I just completed my fourth season with my u14 girls team in which we moved up each year in leagues and most recently won our current league this spring. I am looking forward to taking a new group of u11s to work with!

I love being able to work with all age groups because it has made me evolve as a coach as well as challenge myself to find new ways to train boys and girls of different ages.

What is your favorite soccer memory?