Volunteer Opportunities

The principles of great competition and energetic volunteerism have made the Milwaukee Sport Club a premier organization since its founding in 1953. Our players develop as great competitors when we come together as great volunteers.

2016-17 Volunteer Tracking Form

Volunteers Help Create Success In All Activities 

All volunteer activities support the efforts of our teams and coaches including: refreshments available for home games, running a successful youth tournament, organizing fundraisers, club functions, field maintenance, and managing team activities.

Because of volunteers we have had successful programs throughout the years. It is vital to our club and to the success of our programs that we continue that high level of volunteerism. We are working hard at the board level to create a simple, concise program in which opportunities are communicated on a timely basis. Managers, who are also volunteers, are helping to accommodate parents and others by recording volunteer hours completed. Let’s make it easy for those managers, who too often must seek out volunteers.

Remember that old saying “many hands make light work?” Well, we live by that!

Milwaukee Sport Club has great members – skilled, competitive players, dedicated coaches, great parents and committed volunteers. Please do your part, whether that would be working concessions, participating in fundraisers, lining fields or the many other volunteer opportunities that exist! Enjoy the time, energy and camaraderie of volunteering at our club. We all benefit by your work.

Our volunteer program is described to each member when registering, at team meetings and at AGM meetings. The volunteer reimbursement program allows you to work toward the benefit of the club while receiving funds back because of your generosity. Check out the program and start today!

Our membership base historically has recognized the need of giving their time and talents; now it is our collective responsibility to see that we maintain our status as a club of choice while enhancing our image in the greater Milwaukee area.

Volunteer Hours

For a complete description of the volunteer hours- go here. This policy is part of our by-laws and is a relatively easy way to support the club. Below is a list of opportunities to help fulfill this requirement. Please use the family membership form to communicate how you will satisfy your volunteer requirement and help us to plan our staffing needs at each event. Each member or representative of a family who takes a shift will count toward that family's requirement. 

Soccerfest Tournament Provides Many Volunteer Opportunities

As one of the biggest fundraisers for the club, the only required volunteerism is a shift in the concession stand at the MSC Youth Tournament held the weekend after Labor Day. The volunteer scheduling committee tries to work shifts around game times for the teams. PLEASE be available to work the shift you are assigned or find a replacement. However, all other volunteer opportunities during the weekend (selling apparel and raffle tickets, field marshalling, registration, help desk) will count toward your volunteer hours. The volunteer schedulers for the tournament have a sign-up sheet for these opportunities.

 The following volunteer opportunities can be used toward reaching the twelve hour requirement:

 - Germanfest
 - Indoor Set Up
 - Indoor Take Down
 - Field Maintenance (grass cutting, fertilizing, lining; hrs vary)
 - MSC Social Activities (Christmas Party)
 - Team jobs for which your manager needs assistance (check with your manager of your team)
 - Summerfest
 - Working concession stand on game days
 - Cleaning bathrooms
 - Pick up garbage & recycling